My husband ordered the Banana Split cake for my birthday and it was one of the best cakes we’ve had! So light, delicious and creamy! It’s hard to find a good bakery in Metrowest. This is definitely the tops! Can’t wait to go back and try more goodies!

Jody G., Middlesex, MA

Some of the best cupcakes I’ve had so far, including about 3 other top-shelf cucakeries in Boston, plus a well-known one in NYC. People complain they aren’t cheap, but these are norm pricewise for gourmet cupcakes, and I think superior tastewise. They aren’t prettier or fancier-looking, but they have “balance” which means everything works together just right. The cake, frosting, accessories make for a result greater than the sum of the parts. Disclaimer: I am not a bakery person. I like cakes less sweet than the typical US supermarket level. Had authentic French and Danish pastries and that’s my standard. Standouts: whoopie pie and peanut butter cupcakes. The carrot cake was also great. There were some four-star (not five) cupcakes – caramel espresso and Boston creme were OK…but I had them 12 hours old, so will withhold final judgment. Next time looking forward to strawberry shortcake and red velvet.

Joe U., Cambridge, MA

Anything I’ve had here with the whipped cream was great, especially the strawberry shortcake! For those that need to cut down on sugar they can also make the strawberry shortcake with Splenda–we served it yesterday for a party with a request to lower the quantity of Splenda and they got it pretty close to the original–some found it not sweet enough, and I thought it was slightly more dense than I remembered, but this is still a superior cake. The runner-up would have to be the chocolate mousse with their whipped cream on top.

Stephen C., Brookline, MA

Strawberry Shortcake is their signature cake and just the description will make your mouth water: two layers of light vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream then decorated with fresh strawberries and almonds. The owner is so accommodating that even when they had to move from the original location on Galen St, she still made cakes out of her home kitchen for people. You must try this cake! The staff is so friendly when I come in that it makes the experience five stars.

Laura R., Newton, MA

I disagree with Tina T. because we purchased one on Saturday and it was absolutely delicious. We purchased a black forest cake with whip cream and cherries and it was absolutely delicious and loved from the 4 year old all the way up to the 65+ birthday girl… we definitely will return again for our next family event and purchase another cake because we were very impressed… espcially since they told us that they make them for whenever you want to receive them… there is nothing like you need to order 2 weeks or 2 days in advance… they will do it for when you, the customer, want it and that is important.

Sarah T., Cambridge, MA

I brought some cupcakes to an event and we were cutting them so we could taste the different flavors! As someone else mentioned, these are definitely NOT over sweet like many bakery cupcakes. They also are not overly expensive. Prices are $2.50 or $2.75 depending on flavor. And they are good size cupcakes. I’ve paid over $3 for smaller cupcakes at other shops. However, based on my tastings I’m pretty sure the cake is made from a box mix, not homemade. All the cupcake flavors have either a chocolate or gold cake base. I tried the chocolate overload, a plain chocolate cupcake with a rich chocolate ganache topping. I did like the ganache, not too sweet. The Pina Colada seemed to have something, maybe pineapple, in the gold cake batter. Topped with a white butter cream, coconut and a cherry. Not bad. The Nana’s Cupcake was a chocolate cake with a whipped cream/butter cream, again not overly sweet.

I’d say these were pretty tasty, average cupcakes. Better than a standard old fashioned bakery but not as good as some of the specialty cupcake stores.

Dusty M., East Watertown, MA

My family has been going to Lilly’s for at least 10 years, and we aren’t too impressed with many bakeries but Lilly’s is phenomenal. They are reasonably priced and have the most delicious, moist strawberry shortcake. We never order any other cake but this one. Nowadays, it’s so tough to find bakeries that use actual fresh whipped cream rather than butter cream or regular frosting, but Lilly’s does! If anyone has visited European countries and have had the pleasure of sitting in the cafes and trying the various cakes, the bakeries in this country do not compare. But I do believe that Lilly’s is very similar to the type of cakes you would have in Europe.

They also have some delicious croissants, but by the afternoon, they are usually sold out of the ham & cheese or other filled croissants. If you go there early in the morning, you’ll get the most amazing assortment.

The greatest part of this bakery is that they don’t require much advance notice. I usually call a cake in the day before or a couple days before and they always have no problem taking my order and having it ready at the date and time promised. I have never had a poor experience or bad tasting Strawberry Shortcake from Lilly’s. If you give this place a try, I hope you fall in love with it as much as my family has.

Emma B., Quincy, MA

Lilly’s used to be in newton corner when i was young. my grandfather would being me there on the way to camp and we would get a breakfast treats and his coffee.

then they burnt down and we and everyone else we knew who went there was very sad.
finally they opened a new location RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE & WORK!!

I love their blueberry scones and their cakes (especially the decadent fudge or something like that) are to die for!! i little pricey when it come to the special cakes but from the taste i am sure they work very hard and are worth every penny!!!

i don’t remember their coffee but i am sure its good. they serve the New England coffee that you see everywhere.
oh yea, pick up a quick salad for lunch at work here too which is yummy!

Ariel G., Watertown, MA

Great local business in East Watertown, run by good & friendly people.

Excellent sandwiches, pastries and muffins.

Great convenient location, w/ lots of parking, which makes it easy to get to if you just need to grab a quick bite to eat or cup of coffee on your way to work or wherever you’re going.

Ty V., Watertown, MA

Three words: Caramel Mousse Cake. It was absolutely heavenly: light, fluffy, rich and flavorful. And, as a bonus, good with beer at the birthday party. What’s more, the cake still tastes great, three days later.

I’m glad we had a good experience with Lilly’s. After the demise of Cafe Cakes in Watertown Square, I had been on the hunt for a local bakery that makes delectable pastries, has them ready on time and without any hassle. Lilly’s is a little on the expensive side – but given the terrific quality, that’s acceptable.

Dianalily L., East Watertown, MA

I’m always looking for a good bakery – you never know when you may need a cupcake (…or a 12″ multilayer cake). My premier experience with Lilly’s was at an office party. My initial response to “would you like a piece of cake?” was, “Are you kidding? I don’t want a piece of your dry-and-stale-cake-for-the-sake-of-cake cake!” But I was handed a piece nonetheless….and it was love at first bite! Their strawberry shortcake cake is incredibly fluffy and moist. The filling is airy and is not overly sugary. The frosting is so addictive that I (not generally a frosting-lover) actually scraped up ever last molecule of my slice off of the serving utensil. I have since ordered birthday and mother’s day cakes from Lilly’s and am pleased to say that I am never disappointed in the service or in the quality of the product.

*An interesting array of cake, filling, and frosting flavors (including: Banana Split, Italian Rum, Mango/Strawberry Mousse, Peaches N’ Cream, Mocha Almond…..and more).
*Pricing is appropriate (6″ 17$ all the way to 14″ 62$) – AMAZING quality (and the cakes are like…6 to 8″ height).
*Also for sale: HUGE cupcakes (…..yum – German Chocolate with Caramel, please) for only 2.50$, small cookies and pastry, Tisamisu, fruit tarts, and cheesecakes.
*Want lunch? Specialty sandwiches are only 7$ and salads are 5$. They cater for lunch (and breakfast…..yes!). Make sure you call in advance and place your order for cakes!!! They’ll be ready on time, but give them a couple of days notice.

*Open Mon-Sat 6:30a-5:00p (totally worth having to leave work early in order to make pick-up time).
*Really nice staff!!! I always end up sticking around and chit-chatting for a bit.

Marcy L., North Attleboro, MA

I haven’t been there since they reopened after the fire, but I used to go here to pick up pastries all the time whenever we were going to visit friends and family. They always loved them, and so do I!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to visit since they moved because I moved from Watertown to Newton so it’s not as convenient for me.

Kristine M., West Newton, MA

This family run bakery and cafe is newly opened in a new location after losing their storefront to a fire last year. I had not previously visited their cafe before.

I went for lunch and had a Mediterranean Chicken sandwich. While the flavors of the grilled marinated chicken, hummus, roasted red peppers, and focaccia were good, the meat was somewhat dry and cut in too thick of pieces for the flimsy bread. I dined in at one of six tables and my sandwich was brought to me quickly on a styrofoam plate. The atmosphere was a little cold and I felt awkward as the only patron dining in at 12:30 on a weekday afternoon.

For $8.60 for my sandwich and a bottled drink (no fountain drinks, but coffee is available), I probably would rather head down Arsenal Street to Panera, where they offer wi-fi and a fireplace.

I did not try any of their various pastries or cakes, but they all looked delicious.

Heather H., South Boston, MA

A boxful of Lilly’s cupcakes was an impressive addition to our dessert table. The cupcakes were more like muffins in size, and plenty to share. Several had fillings hiding inside such as the Oreo cupcake and the Boston Cream, while the red velvet was crowned with a delicious cream cheese frosting. Prices for their cupcakes were a good value in comparison to those places that sell their individual treats at $4.50 or more at a pop.

I remember this place from back when they were located on Galen Street many moons ago. Back then I had ordered and enjoyed their strawberry shortcake and was impressed. And now it has popped up in a new location in Watertown.

Perhaps I should try another of their cakes sometime…

*** 3/2011 ****

Okay, I’m going with their strawberry shortcake for my birthday cake. I placed the order on a Thursday for 11am pick up the following week … 6″ cake, with words on it. They took down my name and number. Let’s see how it goes.

Cake consumption – The cake was ready for pick up. It was tall with a crown of excess whipped cream, and garnished with sliced almonds on the side and half chocolate dipped strawberries on top. It was a nice, light cake, but not so good that I will crave it for my next birthday. More strawberries inside would have been nice.

Vivian C., Boston, MA

The pastries are too die for.

But, their morning egg sandwiches are too greasy. The egg is friend in too much oil to the point where we got the runs.

Mr L., Belmont, MA

Watertown certainly has a plethora of “off the beaten path” food places that are out of this world, and Lilly’s cafe is no exception.

Great sandwiches (make your own as well as specialty), amazing cupcakes (and I’m not a sweets person), and solid soup options. Personally I think the only thing they are missing is really excellent coffee (iced and hot).

Meghan M., Brighton, MA

I just enjoyed a little creme puff (.95 for the small, 2.95? for the large) and it was very good. My sisters got clairs and ham and cheese croissants and my cousin got a fresh fruit salad. Everything was reasonably priced (for a bakery) and very good. I would definitely go back to try the cake and the sandwiches!

They make what look like really nice cakes that are not too expensive – from what I remember – I might have to try one for the next birthday/party that warrants a cake.

The seating was nice they have round tables with up to like 5-6 chairs and then little tables and it was nice and sunny when we were there.

It’s funny to me that the French pastry place is diagonally across from the gym – also funny to me is that I drive by there ALL THE TIME and only noticed it recently…

Julia F., Somerville, MA

My girlfriends this year got me this amazing cake from Lilly’s. It was their signature Strawberry shortcake that blew my mind!

Cake – light and fluffy. Cream – made fresh and light (not that gross sugared icing stuff) and strawberries (fresh like they were just picked)! Every cake that I get from now on will be compared to this place. I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays!! I will get my wedding cake here!

Cindy W., Brookline, MA

A couple of weeks ago one of my colleagues treated us to a cupcake buffet! The cupcakes were beautifully decorated, moist, and delicious in a variety of cool flavours like mint chocolate chip and pink lemonade. The cupcakes were from Lilly’s and they were fantastic.

After the cupcake surprise I decided to go back in myself and get a breakfast sandwich; egg, cheese and sausage on a croissant. Best breakfast sandwich I’ve have in a while…blows Dunkin and the other chains out of the water! Perfect meat to egg to cheese ratio all on a buttery croissant; FABULOUS.

They have earned their 4th star from me!!

David T., Milford, MA

The Strawberry Shortcake cake was out of sight good.

The cakes aren’t cheap, but they are well worth the premium.

Kirk C., Cambridge, MA

As usual I was excited to try out a new cupcake place in the burbs of boston. I was unfortunately, pretty disappointed in the cupcakes here. I only tried the mini cupcakes, I am not sure if I had bought the standard size ones I would have had a different opinion. They were just okay, not that they were bad or anything, just nothing to write home about (or give five stars for that matter). The cakes were okay not dry but, not that moist and the frostings were just eh, not particularly flavorful. Of all the ones I tried my favorites were the boston cream pie and caramel cupcake.

I do want to try this place out again and get the full size cupcakes to see if I enjoy those more.

Holly B., Waltham, MA

Oh me oh my. Barbara & I shared a sampling of 4 mini cupcakes and were quite surprised.

Oftentimes, mini’s don’t pass muster because they end up far less moist than their larger brethren. Not the case at Lilly’s! We split 3 mini’s (red velvet, nana, peanut butter) and a macadamia truffle.

The peanut butter was my fave followed by the nana, the macadamia nut and the red velvet. This is not to say the red velvet wasn’t yummy, I just like the others more. The macadamia nut truffle was very good but it had a cherry-ish flavor underlying the chocolate, which was distracting.

Lilly’s will be a place I’m gonna wanna visit again (and again).

Frannie Z., Haverhill, MA

We had a Mocha Almond cake for a friend’s birthday. It was great!!!!!!

It actually was our second time choosing Lilly for birthday cakes. Both time we were greatly impressed. Strongly recommend this Bakery!

Kathy Z., Somerville, MA

I have a friend who is on a quest for the best Red Velvet cupcake, so naturally I asked her where to go.  Lo and behold, she tells me Lilly’s — right in my “backyard” — is the best so far.

Well, Frannie Z. has unfortunately addicted me to CBE in Haverhill, so now I need to find a fix close by and we went here on Thursday afternoon.  We split several mini cupcakes (mini cupcakes, a good sign).  We had the Nana (a vanilla frosting filled), the red velvet, the peanut butter cup and (just to shake things up) a macadamia nut truffle.

Out of the three cupcakes, I liked the red velvet the best.  I have found most places have cupcakes that are dry and the minis, even more so, have this problem.  Not here – all the cupcakes were moist and delicious.  The frostings worked well too.

The item I really loved was the truffle.  It was almost tasted like an old-fashioned rum ball sans the rum, of course.  This new discovery is not good for my waistline.

The live geese begging for food outside the door is a nice touch :)

Barbara A., East Watertown, MA

“What a cute little bakery,” I thought, as I drove by one day and begged my companion to stop. He didn’t, but persistence pays off and we made a special trip to check out their treats another day.

It’s a family owned business, and even cuter than the bakery itself was that Nana, of the Nana (whoopie pie type) Cupcake flavor featured at Lilly’s was there!

We tried cookies & cream, chocolate overload, and cookie dough cupcakes (the big size, not the minis)… there are even more flavors that seem pretty exciting that I hope to try in the future.

All of the cake parts of the cupcake were quite tasty- not dry. We didn’t like the frosting on the cookie dough cupcake, it was a very thick vanilla. The cookie and cream and chocolate overload ones were better. I am pretty picky about frostings though and they are a little thicker than I typically go for. However, my companion was sold-he loved chocolate overload. We paid just under $9 for the three cupcakes, including tax- which really isn’t so bad- especially given that they are bigger than “regular” cupcakes.

We’ll be in again to give it another go with more flavors, hope for some croissants to be in the display case, and I am quite curious about their infamous strawberry shortcake cake that other yelpers seem to love!

Sharon O., Watertown, MA

My wife always gets her workplace birthday cakes from here.  I have always had the leftovers, and they are always outstanding.  If you need to have something sweet, and you would like to spend your calories on something worthwhile, this is definitely the place to do it.

My wife’s favorite is the lemon raspberry cake, but the strawberry shortcake cake is very good also.  The cakes are a little pricey, but well worth it.

Al G., Belmont, MA