How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

In order to continue to achieve the highest quality of freshness, all of our cakes need to be ordered by 12:00pm the day before you need your order (excluding Sunday). We need at least 48 hour notice for our specialty cakes (Please see our menu for descriptions)

How far in advance should I order my holiday cake?

Due to the heavy increase in orders during holiday and graduation seasons, we require a minimum of 1 week notice. Please call our store for holiday deadlines.

Do I need to order cupcakes in advance?

We always have cupcakes stocked in our bakery however, if you need an order of at least 3 dozen or more we suggest that you call and order them 24 hours ahead to guarantee you that order.

Do you only make one size cupcake?

We make our cupcakes in 2 sizes. Large (which can be considered “Jumbo”) and Mini.

If I order my cake to be picked up on a certain day, when will it be made?

All of our cakes are made fresh and right before you pick it up.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer delivery services.

Can your cakes be frozen?

Although we do not freeze our cakes, many of them can be frozen with the exception of any cakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream topping.

Can your cakes be shipped?

Due to the freshness and fragile nature of our cakes, we do not ship our cakes.

How long will my cake stay fresh for?

Most of our cakes should stay fresh for about 4 days in a refrigerator.

What if I have a food allergy?

Please inform your server or the person taking the order if there is ANY food allergy. Some of our cakes are decorated with toasted almonds but can be made without, with prior request when ordering. As you can imagine, we work with all different foods and nuts and although we take every precaution to avoid those allergens for your order, we CANNOT 100% GUARANTEE, even with request, since we do carry them on our premises.